James Morris

I tripped on my way in
And got kicked outside, everybody saw...

And I know that it's a wonderful world
But I can't feel it right now
Well I thought that I was doing well
But I just want to cry now
Well I know that it's a wonderful world
From the sky down to the sea
But I can only see it when you're here, here with me

Let me hold you for the last time It's the last chance to feel again

But you broke me, now I can't feel anything

When I love you and so untrue I can't even convince myself

When I'm speaking it's the voice of someone else

It tears me up I tried to hold on but it hurts too much

I tried to forgive but it's not enough

To make it all okay

You can't play our broken strings You can't feel anything

That your heart don't want to feel I can't tell you something that ain't real

Oh, the truth hurts and lies worse

How can I give anymore

When I love you a little less than before?

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rrenate krokstad
-21.12.2012 kl:14:45

Har en super konkurranse p bloggen min, der du kan vinne en goodiebag. Hper du melder deg p!! :-D


-kommenterer ALLTID tilbake
-21.12.2012 kl:14:46

Hei! Vil bare nske deg en God Jul! Legg meg gjerne til som venn, s jeg kan flge med p bloggen din. :)

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